Frequently asked questions before transfer order

In this section you can find answers to your questions before ordering a transfer. If you still can not find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or chat.

How do I book a transfer?

You can book a transfer by contacting us via phone, Viber, Watsapp, email, chat site, or click the "Order this transfer now" button on the relevant page. In any case, we will contact you very quickly to clarify the details and confirm the transfer!

How much time do I need to reserve the transfer?

It is best to book your transfer at least 2-3 days in advance. Even 2 months before booking, we will not forget you, but we will be waiting for you at the scheduled time and date. If you reserve a transfer at the last minute, we will do our best to make it happen. :)

I want to order a transfer at the last minute. Can you give me a hand?

Simply contact us by phone and we will do our best to serve you. It is likely that the last minute transfer value will be higher than usual.

I would like to order a transfer but I do not find the destination among the transfers you offer. Can you give me a hand?

Of course. We can help. Contact us via phone, Viber, Watsapp, email or chat module and ask for the transfer you want. Within minutes to half an hour, you will receive our best transfer offer.

I travel with a small child. I need a child seat. Can you provide me?

Of course. It is necessary to inform us in advance that you need a baby seat and we will provide it to you!

I have a lot of luggage with me. Do you have big cars?

We can hold your luggage because we have wagons, vans and buses. It is necessary to announce in advance the volume of your luggage and the number of people traveling.

I have a pet. Can I book a transfer and travel with my pet?

Yes, of course it can. It is necessary for the pet to be in a cage. For example, if a pet is a dog and hair remains and traces of it, additional payment will be needed to cover the cleaning of the car.

I do not know my flight number. Can you meet me anyway?

Yes of course. It is enough to tell us from which city you take off, at which terminal you land the plane and the exact time of arrival. The rest is our job! :)

How do I find my airport driver?

The driver will be waiting for you at the airport lounge with a name plate. It is necessary when you go out to look at which nameplate you will see your name. If you still can not find it, look for it by phone, Viber or Watsapp.

Do drivers speak English?

Almost all drivers in our team speak and write in English. It is a good thing when you order a transfer to mention explicitly that you need an English-speaking driver. Then surely a person with English will surely expect you.

My flight is late. I will land later on the scheduled time. Will the driver wait for me?

We track your online fields and see when there is a delay. Do not worry, as soon as we are committed to welcoming you, we will wait for you as long as necessary. The most frequent delays are in the order of 15-20 minutes, but even your flight is delayed by 1 hour, we will wait for you again without the need for extra payment. If your flight is more time-consuming, we'll wait for you again, but you'll need to pay for the wait.

Is prepayment required?

Prepay for the transfer is not required, but if you wish to prepay a part or the whole amount, you can do so by PayPal or by bank transfer.

In what currency can I pay?

You can pay the service in BGN, Euro or Dollars. 

Can I pay via Credit Card?

You can pay the transfer with a Credit/Debit Card at the day of travelling or in advance. In this case You have to inform us in advance that You want to pay via card. You can pay in advance by bank transfer as well.

I need an invoice for the payment. Can you make an invoice?

Of course. We are a registered legal entity. In order for you to issue an invoice, you must notify us in advance, as well as send us your business details. So we will be prepared on the transfer date to give you the completed invoice.

I have to change the date / time of the transfer. What should I do?

Just contact us as soon as you know about the change. In this way, we will be able to reorganize our program in time to perform quality and timely service. Do not worry about penalties - you will not be responsible for the change!

Is the transfer price for the whole car or for just one passenger?

The prices we are working on apply to the entire car. The normal size cars can accommodate up to 4 passengers. If you travel 5 or more people, then we will transfer the van or minibus. Accordingly, the price will be higher. But in any case, the price we give you applies to the whole car.

Should I pay the transfer if my flight is canceled?

If you tell us in time and the driver has not yet begun to meet you, then you do not have to pay any sums. Our request to you is - if you know that your flight has been canceled, please contact us immediately to cancel the transfer request.

I missed my flight. What to do?

As soon as you miss your flight, please contact us to cancel your transfer request. Everyone can happen. The important thing is to remain loyal to us and let us know in time! :)



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