Unitransbg.com uses cookies to understand how you interact with the website and meet your interests. We believe that it is very important for you to be informed which cookies Unitransbg.com uses and the purposes, so you can protect your personal information. Cookies are small files, which are stored on a user’s computer or mobile phone. They are designed to hold amount of data, specific to the clients and can be accessed by the client computer or the web server. Each time you visit Unitransbg.com, your browser sends cookies back to the server in order to be able to remember your requests and identify you. For example the first time a user visits a site, they choose a username which is stored in a cookie and then provide different data – address, name, preferred font size, etc. – this information would be stored on database using username as a key, therefore when the site is revisited, the server will read the cookie with all the user’s information from the database without it having to be entered again.

Unitransbg.com uses Analytical cookies, because they are needed to analyze and to improve the website, as well to make a statistics with the number of visitors, the statistic are not associated with specific people. In addition the cookies are required for the normal operation of the website. For example the website will not be able to remember that you have made a booking or you have signed in if missing. Such cookies are strictly necessary. An important field of application for cookies is online advertising. Only the most interesting and useful ads will be displayed on the websites, with the help of the cookies. Cookies for social networks are used to integrate social networks with the websites, so it can features your favorite social network.

By using Unitransbg.com, you agree that we may download cookies to your device. However, you can manage the cookies. Please, bare in mind that blocking or deleting cookies may affect the user interface and some components of the website may become unavailable.

Most browsers allow you to see the cookies stored on your device and individually block or delete cookies from all or certain websites. Bare in mind that if you delete all cookies, all of your preferences will be lost, including the preference for not using cookies. More information about cookies, changing your browser’s settings for deleting or blocking cookies is available at http://www.cookiecentral.com/faq/ or http://www.allaboutcookies.org



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