Ski Resort Pamporovo, Bulgaria

ski pamporovo

Rhodope Mountains has become a favourite location for many tourists. People from all over the world visit Rhodope in the spring or autumn months to enjoy the breath-taking scenic views while enjoying hiking in the mountains. However, the outstanding Rhodope Mountains are often overlooked when it comes to winter sports. The small but quite popular ski Resort Pamporovo is an excellent example and proof the Rhodope Mountains should remain in your list of favourite places in the winter. 

Pamporovo is located only 85 km away from the second-largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv. It is popular as one of the southernmost ski resorts in Europe. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for winter skiing. Just the opposite. Pamporovo Ski Resort offers a relatively long ski season. Visitors can enjoy the runs from mid-December to mid-April. Most winter days are quite sunny and the average January temperatures are around -3 degrees. Heavy and frequent snowfalls are also characteristic of Pamporovo as the resort enjoys about 150 snowy days per year. Combined with the fairly well-equipped runs with snow cannons, visitors can be assured that they will enjoy slopes with fresh snow. 

In Pamporovo, ski fans can appreciate 55 km of ski slopes and another 38 km of cross-country ski runs. Nearly 18 lifts serve the ski area in Pamporovo with a total capacity of 13,000 people per hour. Pamporovo Ski Resort is extremely suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. They can choose between a wide variety of slopes, most of which are located around Snezhanka Peak. 

There is another ski zone extremely close by - Mechi Chal, near the town of Chepelare. Which means that visitors from Pamporovo can choose between the two ski zones - Pamporovo and Mechi Chal. The entire area offers numerous accommodation options, hotels and guest houses. 

If you have not been to Ski Resort Pamporovo yet, now is the time. The resort is suitable for a perfect winter family vacation - enjoy the excellent skiing conditions and the quiet of the small ski resort. 

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