How to get to Plovdiv for the WORLD ROWING CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 with private transport

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World Rowing Cup Under 23 Years Plovdiv 2023: Private Transportation Options and Advantages

Young athletes from all over the world gather in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, for the World Rowing Cup Under 23 Years, a significant competition in the rowing world.
To ensure a pleasant and stress-free experience as a player, coach, or spectator, it is essential to think about the transportation choices available.  
This article will examine the many private transportation choices for the World Rowing Cup Under 23 Years in Plovdiv in 2023 and highlight the advantages of selecting Unitransbg, the most trustworthy service in Bulgaria.

Private transportation options

There are several private transportation options available for the World Rowing Cup Under 23 Years Plovdiv 2023. These include cars, minivans, and minibusses with capacities of 8+1 and 16+1.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options and their benefits.


The most popular type of private transportation, a car can accommodate one person or small groups of up to three.
It is the most cost-effective choice and offers to schedule flexibility. For people who have a lot of luggage or equipment, nevertheless, it might not be the ideal choice.


A minivan is a bigger version of a car that can easily seat up to 7 people. For small groups who need additional room for luggage or equipment, it is an excellent choice. On longer trips, it is also a more comfortable choice.

8+1 Minibus

For medium-sized groups of up to 8 passengers, a minibus with an 8+1 capacity is a fantastic choice. It is a comfortable option for longer journeys and offers greater space for luggage and equipment.

Vehicle 19+1

The largest vehicle available, a 19+1 minibus, can accommodate bigger groups of up to 19 passengers. It is the most comfortable alternative for longer journeys and offers enough space for bags and equipment.

Advantages of selecting Unitransbg

The World Rowing Cup Under 23 Years Plovdiv 2023 requires private transportation, so it's critical to select a reputable and knowledgeable provider. The most dependable service in Bulgaria, Unitransbg provides a variety of advantages to its clients.

Qualified drivers

Drivers of Unitransbg are skilled experts who are familiar with Bulgaria's routes and traffic patterns. They are also taught how to give exceptional customer service and make sure that their passengers are relaxed and comfortable.

Security and reliability

Unitransbg prioritizes safety and dependability and makes sure that all of its vehicles receive routine maintenance and servicing. Its fleet of automobiles is up-to-date, fully furnished, and adheres to all safety regulations.


Customers of Unitransbg can choose from a variety of services. Whether there are several transfers during the day or only one, it can fulfill all transportation requirements. It can also offer extra services like airport pickup and delivery.

Affordable prices

In order to give its clients the greatest value for their money, Unitransbg offers services at fair prices. There are no unforeseen costs, and the price is clear.



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