Rose Festival in Kazanlak 2020

rose festival kazanlak 2020 unitrans

Have you heard of rose oil? Do you know that the rose oil is widely used in the perfume industry and is a main ingredient for various skin care products? It is also often used in aromatherapy and has recently been recognized as an important element in the pharmaceutical industry. 

You might be surprised to learn that approximately 70% of the world's rose oil is produced in Bulgaria. The best quality rose oil is obtained from Rosa Damascena that is cultivated and has been grown in the Rose Valley for thousands of years. This area near the city of Kazanlak in Bulgaria has been found with the most suitable conditions for the rose growth.

The Bulgarian rose oil is considered as a standard and example of high quality all over the world, as a result of which has been named the “liquid gold” of Bulgaria. The entire process is lengthy and demand a high level of attention and diligence. The rose-picking is done by hand, very early in the morning, as dawn approaches. Approximately 3500 kg of rose flowers are needed to extract 1kg of rose oil. Bulgaria produces around a ton and a half each year.

As you can imagine, the Bulgarian rose oil is a large portion of the country’s history, culture and traditions. That is the reason why, each year the Rose Valley and the city of Kazanlak hosts the Rose Festival. Thousands of visitors join the celebrations to experience the authentic atmosphere and to learn more about the history of the Bulgarian rose oil.

The Rose Festival in Kazanlak in 2020, will take place between 5th and 7th June. The visitors will be welcomed with garlands of pink roses, traditional Bulgarian banitsa and rose petal jam. The program of the Rose Festival will be filled with various events from the “Queen Rose” contest, though, folk song and dance performance to carnival procession. The visitors are welcomed to join and experience as much as possible from the Bulgarian culture and traditions.

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