Need transport for the guests of your wedding? We know how to help!

Need transport for the guests of your wedding? We know how to help!

We from Unitrans can also be part of a wedding party! In this article you will find out exactly how you can benefit from our services for your special day.

Are you planning a wedding? Congratulations! But now we need to talk about the serious things - the organization of the event ...

One of the most important points for your wedding is determining how many guests to invite. Their number depends on many factors. Whether you want a lavish ceremony with a large group of witnesses of your dreamed moment, or choose to share the event with only a small circle of people - it is important how they will end up at the location reserved for the wedding day. We from Unitrans offer our services as transport provider for all guests. We will make sure that your loved ones will travel comfortably and arrive on time.

Details are always important to a bride and we know that for sure. But perhaps the most important thing remains that she has all her loved ones around her, while with the groom they say "YES!". Make your guests feel special by booking a private transport for them! Trust us from Unitrans as a transfer company and you will not be disappointed.

You can reach us on our site, via email or directly by phone - there is always someone to answer all your questions!

If you decide to hire a wedding agency to organize your magical event, then we from Unitrans can work with that agency and take care of everything related to transportation.



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